"thrilling... superbly made and utterly riveting"
The Guardian

              ★★★★                    ★★★★½
Sydney Morning Herald     Sun Herald

     ★★★★★                      ★★★★★
    TV Tonight                    The Guardian


“Certain to be one of the television events of the year... Spanning a gamut of emotions – funny, sad, sweet, poignant, shocking – it may have been difficult to execute but it is effortless to watch. A superb achievement.” 
The Guardian 

“a masterpiece"  
Sun Herald 

“deeply affecting, visually striking, superbly performed… one of the finest and most original local dramas produced in years”    
TV Tonight 

"this masterfully written, directed and acted eight-part series is a sublime achievement – one of the standout Australian TV productions so far this century"    NME

"(the) year's most surprising drama series...one of the best shows I have previewed in all of 2021" 
MediaPost (US)

 “A massive new show... absolutely brilliant... it’s a drama about mental health, but it’s really funny, it’s beautiful, and it’s incredibly heartfelt.”
James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden

“One of the best Australian dramas in years... completely compelling from its first moment to its last.” 
Sydney Morning Herald 


"The style, perspective and originality of Wakefield - created by Kristen Dunphy & directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse & Kim Mordaunt - is truly something to behold"        The Guardian - Number 1 on their “Best Australian TV Shows of 2021” 

New York Post

"Excellent new series... Rudi's rich and raw performance is truly brilliant" 
News Ltd TV Guide

“stunningly powerful… Drama of this quality, even in the so-called ‘golden age’ of Prestige Television, is rare indeed. It helps that the scripts are in the hands of directors as talented as Jocelyn Moorhouse and Kim Mordaunt, who balance deft character work with an excellent sense of place... A simply exquisite character-driven drama.” 

"brilliantly touching… a riveting psychological thriller and a study of the human condition... unlike anything we've seen on our screens before"  

"truly binge-worthy"     
Canberra Times   

"propelled by a gripping psychological mystery, Wakefield honestly explores mental illness (and) sanity" 
decider.com (US)