Jammin' in the Middle E   Comedy, 52 min for SBS TV

Food, family, love and fast cars in the Arabic suburbs of Sydney. 

Directed by Kim Mordaunt, written by Howard Jackson, produced by Enda Murray
Financed by the Australian Film Commission, NSW FTO & SBS TV

"Revealing and delightful, this brilliant little film radiates with catharsis... Mordaunt directs with a cinema verite intimacy and aesthetic power that matches its social impact"   The Age 

"This is priceless, both in its humour and its capacity to open a window into the life of Muslims in Sydney's maligned south-west"   Sydney Morning Herald 

World sales: Ronin Films

Mongrel's Ghost   Drama, 14 mins

Tom, a security guard at Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital for the Criminally Insane, and Cassie, a lock-up patient, discover they have something in common. 

Directed by Kim Mordaunt 
Written by Kim Mordaunt, Sylvia Wilczynski & Howard Jackson 
Produced by Red Lamp Films, financed by Screen NSW's Young Filmmakers Fund 

Sydney Film Festival 
Sao Paulo International Film Festival  
Bilbao International Film Festival 
Winner Best Short Film, Byron Bay Film Festival 
Winner Best Cinematography in a Short Drama, ACS Awards

Speed City   Documentary, 26 min, for SBS TV

A wild ride through the streets of Sydney through the eyes of three bicycle couriers: the accident-prone Crash Test Danny, the calm and focused Kiri and outspoken Manchester lad Skater. 

Directed by Kim Mordaunt & Sylvia Wilczynski 
Produced by Sylvia Wilczynski & Kim Mordaunt 
Produced by Red Lamp Films 
Financed by Australian Film Commission, Screen NSW & SBS TV 

Winner Best Short Documentary, Phoenix Film Festival, US 
Winner Best Documentary, Byron Bay Film Festival

Copyrites   Documentary, 52 min, for SBS TV

Explores the protection of Australian Indigenous artworks, focussing on the infamous Carpet Case where internationally renowned artist Banduk Marika's designs were stolen and printed on mass produced carpets. 

Directed by Kim Mordaunt & Cathy Eatock 
Produced by Jenny Day, Cathy Eatock & Kim Mordaunt 
Financed by the Australian Film Finance Corporation & SBS TV

Survival  Documentary, 52 min, for SBS TV

Presented by Leah Purcell (Wentworth, The Drover's Wife), Survival celebrates the alternative Australia Day event, the Survival Concert, featuring Australia's leading Indigenous music artists including Archie Roach and Christine Anu.

Written & directed by Kim Mordaunt 
Produced by the Indigenous Unit, SBS TV, Executive Producer Karla Grant 
Financed by the National Indigenous Arts Advocacy Association & SBS TV

World sales: SBS TV