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Jammin’ in the Middle E
52 minutes, comedy drama 

Food, family, love and fast cars in the Arabic suburbs of Sydney. 

Director: Kim Mordaunt
Writer: Howard Jackson
Producer:  Enda Murray 
Financed by: The Australian Film Commission
NSW Film & TV Office
Australia Council for the Arts 

“This is priceless, both in its humour and capacity to open a window into the thinking of Muslims in Sydney’s maligned south-west.” 

Graeme Blundell, The Sydney Morning Herald ▶

“Revealing and delightful. This brilliant little film radiates with catharsis. ...Mordaunt directs with a cinema verite intimacy and aesthetic power.” 

Judy Adamson, The Age

World sales: Ronin Films 

Speed City
26 minutes, documentary 

A wild ride through the streets of Sydney through the eyes of three bicycle couriers: the reckless and accident-prone Crash Test Danny, the calm and determined Kiri, and the mouthy outspoken Manchester lad, Skater. 

Directors: Kim Mordaunt & Sylvia Wilczynski
Producers: Sylvia Wilczynski & Kim Mordaunt
Financed by: The Australian Film Commission
NSW Film & Television Office

Mongrel’s Ghost
14 mins, drama

Tom, a security guard at Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital for the Criminally Insane, and Cassie, a lock-up patient, discover they have something in common. 

Director: Kim Mordaunt
Writers: Howard Jackson, Kim Mordaunt & Sylvia Wilczynski Producer: Sylvia Wilczynski
Financed by: The Young Filmmakers Fund, NSW Film & Television Office 

Official selection:
Sydney Film Festival
Bilbao International Film Festival
Saul Paulo International Film Festival
Winner, Best Cinematography in a short Drama, ACS Awards

52 minutes, documentary 

Explores the protection of artworks for Australian Indigenous artists, focussing on the infamous “Carpet Case”.

Directed & Produced by: Kim Mordaunt & Cathy Eatock
Produced by: Jenny Day, Kim Mordaunt & Cathy Eatock
Financed by: The Australian Film Finance Corporation

52 minutes, documentary 

A celebration of the Survival Day music concert, featuring Australia's leading indigenous artists such as Christine Anu and Archie Roach. 

Presented by: Leah Purcell

Written, directed & produced by: Kim Mordaunt
Executive producer: Karla Grant
Financed by: SBS TV & NIAA for SBS TV
World sales: SBS TV